Street Child Watch & Child Rescue

Figures from the Philippines’ Council for the Welfare of Children put the number of street children at 246,000 in 2010. In Cebu City, about 5,200 children were highly visible on the streets.

The number was based on the rapid appraisal by the department of social welfare and development (DSWD). There could be more if we count those children dwelling in the slums but frequented the streets.

Batang Pinangga hopes to do more for the street children.

Monitoring the presence of children on the streets is a way of rescuing the child from the hazardous life of the streets, and possible abuse. We call this initiative the Street Child Watch.

Batang Kalye Treat

A day-off for a street child. Yearly, Batang Pinangga gathers the street children from one particular location and brings them to the shelter. They are given a bath and get cleaned, provided with clean clothes and new pair of slippers, and a treat for lunch and fun games, and gift packs for bringing home.

For more information one may call Tina at 0918-3350522.

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