BP Youth Ambassadors

Taking the lead in helping the abused children

Between the months of July and August, for three weeks, youth from the country the Netherlands come to Batang Pinangga to volunteer. We call them the Batang Pinangga Youth Ambassadors.

  • They are young: between the ages 16 to 20, mostly are still in school.

  • They have helped much in fund-raising, anything and everything possible.

  • They come to experience and understand the life of the poor children who have become victims of child abuse.

  • They visit the dumpsite and see the children and families living in inhuman conditions.

  • They see massive poverty.

  • And they want to see hope, too.

  • That children are being loved and cared for.

  • They are able to help street children feel clean, full, laugh, and happy through the Batang Kalye Day.

  • And most of all, they spend their time with the children in Batang Pinangga, help in their daily care, and a lot more with the daily activities of the foundation: cooking, carpentry, farming, maintenance.

Organized since 2012 by Geertjan Berman and Karin van Rooijen, who started as volunteers of Batang Pinangga since 2006, the youth ambassadors are taking the lead in doing something pure and essential: they come to help.

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