Poverty Situation of Families

Next to Metro Manila, Cebu is the second largest urban center in the country. In these areas, children roam around begging for food, used in sydicated drugs and make the streets their home – a situation that mirrors extreme poverty and neglect. With the deteriorating standards of living, the Filipino family is torn apart: parents leave their children to look for more income.

Migration to urban centers and to work abroad created a vacuum within the family. And as the communities become consumerist, the once caring Filipino community turned individualistic and concerned more of own survival and finds less and less time relating to one another.

The foundation becomes deeply aware that helping the abandoned, neglected and abused children cannot remain a charity work but it should be, if it will be sustainable and successful, a continuous community concern. Thus Batang Pinangga helps revive caring communities who would help care for the children, take them away from the streets, send them to school, provide for their needs, become their family.

And this means to revive and re-activate the Filipino cultural value of “bayanihan system”. Through this the Foundation hopes that at least the increase of the enormous number of abandoned, neglected and abused children will slow down and hopefully this will contribute to the eradication of this dehumanized and shameful aspect of Filipino community life.

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