Independent Living Program

The need to prepare the child towards independent-living

Some children living in the residential homes of Batang Pinangga could no longer be reunited with their own families or kin. These children would be on their own.

Preparing them to live independently forms part of the program of Batang Pinangga.

The program covers children age 11 up.

This program requires that:

  • A child should learn to manage a household, learn cooking, doing laundry, budgeting and buying food and supplies.

  • A child develops the value of discipline, confidence, and responsibility.

  • A child learns skills that they could use to earn income.

  • A child learns to make decisions.

  • A child learns to use resources available to them from their surroundings.

  • A child has knowledge and awareness about their rights.

  • An age –appropriate discussion about sexual reproductive health and rights to prepare and protect teenagers of the dangers of teenage pregnancy and sex-related diseases.

At the age of 18, the young BP teenager has the option to live independently outside the care of Batang Pinangga.

The BP child gets support for their secondary education, a two-year technical/vocational training courses, or a college education, when the child is ready for it.

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