Batang Busog Project

A Nutrition Program

Malnutrition impedes the child’s process of learning and widely impairs a child’s brain development, thereby resulting to developmental delays. A study reports that Malnutrition negatively effects brain development causing delays in motor and cognitive development, such as:

  • Attention deficit disorder

  • Impaired school performance

  • Decreased IQ scores

  • Memory deficiency

  • Learning disabilities

  • Reduced social skills

  • Reduced language development

  • Reduced problem-solving abilities

As a small initiative, Batang Pinangga aims to respond to the problem of malnutrition among school children through the Batang Busog project.

It is a nutrition program that aims to provide school children an encouragement to go to school every day, and a chance to have at least one full meal in a day.

A child has a chance to learn more, explore, and play when she/he is less hungry.

The project is in line with the vision-mission of the foundation, that every child must be a beloved child. Therefore, Batang Busog (a nourished child) is a result of being batang pinangga (a beloved child).

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