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Batang Pinangga’s Cinderella Man

He looks smart and talks even smarter.

Our boy Kevin, living with us in Batang Pinangga when he was twelve years old.

Now he is 27, has a job, living on his own, paying for his bills, wearing good clothes and shoes, totally independent.  A complete man.

This boy has taken hold of what he is destined to do.
He was abandoned at the age of three and since then stayed from one shelter to another. He was hoping that his mother could come back for him, while he was leaving traces behind for her to find him. She never did.

The growing –up years were an immense struggle: bouts of asthma attacks, insecurities, feeling incomplete.  He did not stop looking for his mother.  He asked this question to whoever he could get close to, “can you be my mother?”

The house parents in Batang Pinangga cared for Kevin a lot for many years.  Kevin slowly accepted the fact that even without his birth parents, there are those people around him who truly care.
Now he is most grateful, remembering the things and values that his house parents imparted to him.

He finished high school.
He trained himself in basic skills at home, helped a lot in the upkeep of Batang Pinangga compound, and learned crafts.  At age 20, he looked for a paying job and left Batang Pinangga.  The next time we knew, he got himself a license for a full-time security officer.  He is very proud. He said every single one of them-professors, engineers, rich and famous- passes through him.

Indeed.  Getting hold of his own life and pursuing life’s necessities & perks that go with it, that is his destiny.
He sent me a text message that he would visit and bring lunch.
He said he has money enough now to share. It was overwhelming to see him bringing packs of food for many.

At the dining table he told the BP teenagers this: “pursue your dream and make it come true. For myself, at age 12, I wanted to have a motorbike, now I have it. Next I want a four-wheel drive. And no boyfriend/girlfriend yet, finish your studies, then it would be going easy”.

From an orphaned child to a complete man.
Batang Pinangga has its own Cinderella Man by the name of John Kevin.

-Butch Oct 2016