Finding Home for the Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children.
Building Caring Communities.

Batang Pinangga offers a place of relection: Luna Aninag

Two years of the pandemic.
It touches us. No one is spared by this phenomenon.
There is pain of loss. A feeling of disconnection. Anxiety, helplessness. Immobility.
The devastation of the typhoon Odette in December made the final blow.
But still here we are vertical on the ground.
What to do next is again up to us.

But we need to get hold of our own time, our own corner, to breathe. To feel. To escape from the chaos and confusion.

Batang Pinangga offers a breathing space. To feel calm and empowered again.

A place to recharge, to refresh. To be offline.  To deal with what really matters.  Life and living.

We do this project with Aktion Wasserbueffel.

Contact us.

        Batang Pinangga Foundation:

        Anna Maguate:
                        0917 6251583

         Butch Carpintero:
                        0917 1898990