Finding Home for the Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children.
Building Caring Communities.

A homegrown volunteer

Sixteen-year old Niňa gets ready for the new school year. She will be in Senior High, and after two years, will be ready for college.  This girl achieved so much in her time in BP.  She came at the age of three, the youngest of four siblings, all of whom were together in BP. After sometime, two of her siblings left and she and one sister stay on.

From a sick little girl to a grown teenager, Niňa is giving back to BP. During the summer holidays Niňa was our own volunteer. She helped the houseparent in taking care of the children: giving them shower, playing with them, making sure they wash their hands during mealtimes, and ensuring they follow siesta time.

The children loved Ate Niňa. They followed her. They sat together with her and as she tells stories. She was always seen huddled together with a couple of kids. They washed the plates together, laughing. She taught them how to do things properly.

In the morning our boy Niňo would wait for her, saying, “Ate Niňa, shower”.  During siesta time, Niňa found it  hard to make the boys stay indoors and sleep; she would find them under the mango tree “stoning” the fruits, or in the garden gathering insects. She made a condition: “I will stay with you in your room, and we take a nap together”. She fell asleep and the boys went out. When she woke up the boys gave her some of the mangoes they harvested. She laughed about it.

Niňa taught the children how to do the Rubik’s cube puzzle, which is becoming a craze among the children. Every now and then a child would run to her, even wake her up just to ask for the next move. She did not complain and willingly rose and showed the moves.

When it was time for her to go back to the Half-Way House, where all the high school children of BP reside, the children were sad. They came to her and told her they will miss her. Niňa was surprised, because she thought she is not going anywhere, still in BP. The children asked for her picture, as their remembrance. On her last night, as we watched a movie, Niňo sat beside her. Other children came close by her. It was a lovely thing to see.

Niňa and Benjamin attending the prom.

Niňa at 8 (top), and now the big sister.