Finding Home for the Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children.
Building Caring Communities.

Statement on the 19th Year Celebration: “Enhancing our role in improving a child’s individual potential, to contribute to a generation’s sustainable future”

At this time and age, the role of parents in raising children becomes ever so complex. Without the knowledge and preparation, the inability to provide for a nurturant environment for a growing child denies her to opportunity to achieve full growth potential. These children will be unable to become productive community members and do not pass on social capital to future generations.

WHO estimates1 that 43% of children in low and middle-income countries are unable to realize their full development potential. According to the paper on the Global Strategy2 Addressing sustainable development goals, there are two important stages of child development: early childhood and adolescence.

A child’s brain and other systems develop most rapidly through the first three years of life, so investments in early development are essential to promote the physical, mental and social development that shape each individual’s present and future health.

Adolescence on the other hand is a second critical developmental stage. The physical, mental and social potential acquired in childhood can blossom into skills, behaviors and opportunities that contribute to better health and well-being in adolescence and later to a more productive adulthood. The right investments and opportunities may consolidate early gains, or offer a second chance to young people who missed out during childhood.

That is the reality of our responsibility in Batang Pinangga.
For 19 years, we see our children come and go out of our care.
Some are well on their way finishing school. Some become young parents, remaining poor and struggling. Some were involved in crimes. Some successfully lived independently.
Raising children to achieve their full growth potential is not only the responsibility of a parent. It is the role of a government, by putting up and ensuring access to social infrastructures, i.e., commodities,
services and information, upholding human rights, and expanding opportunities for social, economic and political participation3.

For 19 years, we see ourselves making the contribution towards the life of a child.
For 19 years we see ourselves making contribution to the improvement of a generation’s future.
For the years ahead of us, we remain clear of what we can do.

Thank you all for being with us for the many years in the past, and for many years more in the future.
May we all be continually blessed with good health, clear mind, and good heart and sense of purpose.
Happy 19th Year dear Batang Pinangga Family.



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