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Hasta la vista, Baby

There’s that time that children find their own selves and make decisions on their own. That time
has come for our Peter to leave Batang Pinangga.  He was with us when he was three.  Now at 15, he is ready to go.

Peter’s father already passed away. His mother has a disability and has no
means to support him. He is the youngest child of three siblings, but only one sister is alive.
Now he stays with the family of his Aunt who can provide for his needs. Peter helps his cousin in
his eatery business. Peter likes it there: he learns cooking, purchasing for food supplies, having
friends, and free time to have fun. His cousin and his Aunt’s family care for his welfare. They
arranged for online lessons to prepare him for high school.

When Peter came visiting BP again, the children were gathered around him as he told of his
“adventures”, the places he goes, schooling online-what is it like-, staying in an air-conditioned
room, having his own money, buying food that he likes, playing computer games, all the fun stuff.
He showed off his new pair of branded shoes. He made sure all the children in BP are jealous,
naturally. That’s our Peter. And indeed we are happy to hear that a family cares for him, and that
is most important. Looking at Peter now, we thought of the sickly little boy cradled in the arms of
Nanay Era, nursing him to health. Of the time that he learned to speak properly, of his cries when
he was teased because of his “milking ear”, of the times when he and the boys sneaked into the
night to look for spiders, or to swim in the river, or to climb the neighbors’ fruit trees, to cut classes, to tease the girls. Peter was growing up in those eleven years, and we will always remember with love.

Peter will always be part of the batang pinangga family.


Thank you Nanay Era, for raising Peter.