Finding Home for the Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children.
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To Be A Child Again

We were at the dining hall for breakfast and Daniel went to us for some reports. He started with “Pa Bos”… That his older brother Dustin made fun of him, that his toy was stolen by Klowie. And Louie hit him hard when they threw ball. There was a long list, he beside me, like a little son reporting to his father. I was trying to connect the words he uttered piece by piece. This time I can understand him.
What a joy to hear five-year old Daniel talking. He arrived to us a year before. The only thing way he communicated before was crying out loud. It was his response to everything and everyone. And the house was like that, there was always a loud cry bursting any time. I think the children also loved to tease the boy, because he was like a switch when pressed he made the crying sound.
So we made an agreement with the children that we like to help Daniel. If he cries every time, he gets a running nose, and it goes out of his ear as an infection, and the smell is terrible. We all don’t like that, and we like him to learn the right words to say so that he does not need to always cry.
And so little by little Daniel learns the words, with a bit of crying in between. Slowly we can hear in the house is running laughter of Daniel.
We were at the dining hall. Eight-year old Louie came approaching and reporting that Daniel is doing this and that to him. That Daniel is naughty, farting in front of everyone. Oh oh…
Another meeting we said that it is very rude to do nasty things with each other. Fingers pinpointed to Daniel. Daniel was all smiles. The children were saying if he does it again he should not watch a movie with them. Okay we settled on that.
Next days we can see Daniel saying each word in syllables, Pa-pa. Ma-ma. Like learning his first words. The children around him are helping him. Some taught him bad words, and that’s the trouble starts because he is applying it back to them. They all learn relationships, better relationships.
One day he went to us at the cafeteria. We had late meeting, and he called outside” My Ann, ka-on na”, which meant” Mommy Ann food is ready”. It was simply lovely. The child, very much neglected in the past, now having a chance to live a normal childhood that he deserves.