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Twinning moments in Batang Pinangga

Interestingly unique. Batang Pinangga has two pairs of twins. Both boys, both identical, both arrived in BP at the age of eight. Both pairs have first names with the same first letter. The first pair is already 17 years old, the second pair is nine. It is fascinating to see how the boys behave to and with each other.

We have Joshua and Jerome. Together they wrestled, rolling nonstop, giggling and looks like they could hurt each other hard. Jerry and Jason was having the pretend sword fencing using a stick, laughing and teasing, but when the stick snapped, Jason hurt his gums. The twins are happy with each other, and do not seem to need more to play with.

Joshua and Jerome used to live on the walkway of a bridge, so the volume and tone of their voice is higher than usual. They are loud together, so that during activities, they are in separate groups. But no matter, in one corner they still end up together. During movie nights, for example, Jerome and Joshua are requested to sit separately, but moments later, Joshua was already crawling to Jerome, and they were telling each other about the movie in front of them. Shhhh.

Now grown teenagers, Jerry and Jason listen to the same music and sing along. They sit together in front of the computer, sharing one earphone. They play basketball, exchange shorts and shirts. They wait on each other from school, and, facing each other, they share jokes and laughs, oblivious of who is around them.

One time, Jerome was not allowed to watch the movie as a consequence. He cried. Joshua also cried. Jerry worried when Jason did not go home on time from school. Both twins have each other. Jerry reminds Jason to wash his clothes. Jerome makes sure that Joshua got his own toy when gifts are being given. While Jerry is the cool, no-fuzz kind, Jason is boisterous. While Jerome is the aggressive type, Joshua is the soft one. The twins are like a part of each other.

The pair of twins lived a difficult life on the streets. They were hungry and without parents caring for them. When meal was ready, Jason ran fast to the dining hall, shouting to Jerry, “Come fast, food is here”. When snacks were distributed and Joshua was late to wake up from the afternoon nap, he cried because he thought there was none left for him, and Jerome said, “Here, I save your part”.

We love to see them happy as they are now.

We love the many moments they have with us.