Finding Home for the Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Children.
Building Caring Communities.

Who We are

 Batang Pinangga - is a coined Visayan word which means Beloved Child. 


To be Batang Pinangga, it requires:

  • A loving attitude towards every and any child at home, in the neighborhood, in the streets.
  • A caring community that provides every child the atmosphere of happiness, love, peace and dignity.
  • Developing and preparing the child into becoming a responsible adult of the community so that he/she may be able to live individual life with apppropriate attitude and values.
  • Protecting the child against any form of unjust and unfriendly circumstances and situations.



Moved by the situation of the children they have come to meet during their travels to the Philippines, concerned Dutch nationals thought of getting involved. Through their organization, The Independent Foundation for Family Affairs (IFFA) based in Holland, and with the help of the Carmelite priests in Manila and Cebu, they settled in the country and established IFFA Cebu in 1998. Through donations, IFFA Cebu acquired a piece of land and erected the buildings that would house the homeless and abandoned children. In October 2001 the management and responsibilities of the foundation were turned over to the Philippine Board, it was re-baptized as "Batang Pinangga Foundation, Inc."





Being aware that massive poverty, caused by a system that favors the few, has created the shameful phenomenon of the neglected children, Batang Pinangga commits itself to work, and becoming a part of the broad movement, for a just and caring Filipino society.


Batang Pinangga helps build caring communities by reviving the communitarian helping hand embedded in the heart of every individual (and Filipino) and facilitates in finding home for the abused, abandoned and neglected children.  


Fr. Pete Manilag, Jr., O.Carm

Berlina Mariñas
Vice Chairperson

Belinda Burlas
Corporate Secretary

Cristina Muñoz
Finance Officer

Atty. Erwin Nuñez

Christopher Koppel



Juda “Butch” A. Carpintero
Executive Director
Maria De Los Nieves F. Romeral
Resident Social Worker