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Movie nights make summer a lot cooler

ninoSummer kicks off in Batang Pinangga.

It is a very, very hot summer as compared to the previous summers. Grasses are brown, and water supply is low.

We are thankful for the trees around us, providing a cover for the children when they play.

For this summer, we have several programs: children will compete with the badminton games, and the older ones, prepare for the volleyball league.

We also have the skills workshop, where children learn cooking, sewing, and carpentry.

We also have arts workshops, to color, to draw, to create.

Teenagers are scheduled for a one-week camp, and also a camp for boys only.

Middle of May is the preparation for the new school year; introductory lessons for the preschoolers, and supplemental lessons in English and reading for some.


But for all, nights are cool. Because it is time for movies.

Huddled together in the balcony of a house we called the “Kaba-kaba” or the Butterfly house, for one and a half to two hours, we are transported to a world where a dog can adopt a boy, or where a hero is an inflatable big white robot named Baymax, or even a toothless dragon, or singing along with a pitch-perfect song.

Movie nights are the most anticipated time of the day, or how to exactly end the evenings.

But the catch, a child should follow the agreed day schedule, no fighting, and particularly the siesta time, the mid-day nap time. It has been a way to keep the children indoors away from the sun, and avoid untoward accidents.

One night, as the children slowly take their places, they reported that six-year old Niño did not sleep during nap time. Fingers pinpointed to that only boy. The group decides if he can watch. Niño had to stand up in front and say his reasons for not sleeping. Niño has this peculiar posture, putting both his hands on his back clasped together. But this time, his hands were brushing his head downwards to his face repeatedly as if caught in the act. Amused, the children, like all time, allow Niño to watch. After that incident, Niño would announce, “I really sleep today, I swear, promise”. Movie nights are so good.

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